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We create reports, fiction, docufiction and corporate films. Our thematic focus lies in the fields of culture, education and new media.

52°nord offers: concept, script, audiovisual production, post-production, encoding and DVD authoring. In order to give you interdisciplinary solutions, we work in close collaboration with illustrators, graphic designer and programmers.

We work in three languages: German, English and French. We conduct interviews in these languages. We offer translations, version subtitling and full post-production.

Beyond our main office in Berlin, we often work abroad, mainly in France. Chantal Thali is Franco-German, at home with both cultures, and based in Paris as well as in Berlin.

52° Nord has created news reports, portraits and docu-fictional pieces about adolescents in Germany and France for renowned international publishers. For several projects in the fields of culture and creative economy for the web magazine LABKULTUR , we conducted interviews with the philosophers Bernard Stiegler and Richard David Precht, politicians such as Frederic Mitterrand, musicians and artists including Barbara Hendricks, Eric Serra, Jochen Gerz and many others.

In connection with the following international projects, we created films in German, French and English: Forum d’Avignon in France, Picnic in Amsterdam; for the German History Museum exhibition „The Temptation of Freedom, Art in Europe since 1945“ and for the German Digital Library, we made a series of thematic trailers.

Chantal Thali

chantalthali Chantal Thali is Franco-German. After her A-levels, she first worked as an apprentice actress in a children and youth theatre. She then studied drama at the National Academy for Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart.

Following her being cast in the play „Blunt oder der Gast“ by Karl-Philipp Moritz under the direction of Elamr Goerden, she served as a troupe member of the Stuttgart State Theatre for four years.

Chantal Thali’s interest in directing arose at the time of the opening of the Ludwisburg’s Film Academy in the 1990’s. In the course of her studies, she participated in many of the Academy’s projects, first as an actor and later in direction and production. This experience led her to choose a career as a director in the audiovisual media.

During her early years as an actress, she wrote different pieces and developed plays with colleagues such as the „Shakespeare Sonnets“ with Andreas Hueck in 1996, which was performed at the Lindenfels Playhouse. She has also written countless screenplays and docu-fiction pieces for international language learning publishers.

Chantal Thali likes a multi-faceted working life. Experience has shown her that making documentaries and corporate films mutually complements her work as a director of fiction.